Endubis Wallet

General Idea

Telegram is widely used in Ethiopia but there is no way to use ADA through telegram nor even any way to purchase ADA in Ethiopia.

A telegram bot payment system for quick and low-fee payments for small, everyday items using only Telegram usernames.

General Idea

The first integration platform will be through a telegram bot (Endubis Wallet) payment system for quick payments for small, everyday items, and storage of ADA. The proposed Telegram bot will provide better p2p buying and easy trading options. The pilot project will be conducted in Ethiopia. Ant the wallet code will be open-source for anyone to adopt it for their local context.

Why Telegram

Telegram is the most widely used application in Ethiopia. An open-source telegram bot that can be integrated with existing wallets can quickly be adapted for other markets outside of Ethiopia as well.

Features and Requirements

Our messenger wallet will allow anyone to easily hold ADA or exchange ADA to local currency. Users will also be able to purchase cryptocurrency with local fiat money entirely within the messaging app. Overall, buying cryptocurrency can be confusing for many users. With the integration with local banks, users in can become verified to purchase cryptocurrency with their local currency within minutes.

Deployment and Marketing

The design of the bot will take approximately 2 weeks and a beta version can be released within 2 months. Initial users will be gathered through promotion in Cardano Telegram groups. We will expand this through a referral program and various incentives for using their ADA in real-world functions.

Milestones and Reporting

  • Analysis and design stage - Week 1
  • UI/UX Design - Week 2
  • Backend Design - Week 3-4
  • Integration with payment platforms - Week 4-5
  • Alfa testing - Week 6
  • User Registration - Week 7
  • P2P trading options - Week 8
  • Beta Testing - Week 8-12
  • Loans and Credits Options- Weeks 15-20

MOS and Timeline

  • 3 months: 500 users
  • 6 month: 1000 users + active use of the Loan Function
  • 12 month: 3000 users
  • Project Launch date: February 10
  • Beta testing: April 10