General Idea

Start a networking event and invite a prominent speaker to each event. These would become the first blockchain meetups in Addis Ababa.


We would run a networking event at a hotel in downtown Addis Ababa where we would bring speakers either from within the Cardano community or the wider blockchain space. The events would happen once a month on a regularly scheduled day with the goal of creating a community around the Atala project here in Ethiopia. The event would include an update from the local IOHK office in Addis Ababa, a keynote speaker, and time for networking and cocktails. We would also upload the keynote speaker's speech to Youtube for public viewing, it would also be great to provide subtitles in various languages including Amharic, Oromigna, and Tigrigna as well as other commonly spoken languages in the region such as Arabic and Swahili. Potential Keynote speakers would include, government ministers, investors, tech startup founders, researchers, and blockchain developers.

We expect to start the regularly scheduled event within a month of this proposal being approved and funded.

Measures of Success
  • Number of participants at monthly events
  • Number of views on Youtube

We intend to offer free admission during year 1 and to use merchandising and ticket sales to sustain the project in Year 2 and beyond.