General Idea This project aims to create a Cardano community at Ethiopian universities, with an initial focus on Addis Ababa University, which has 50,000+ students.


In phase 1, we will hold a public lecture/ introduction seminar to inform students about Blockchain, crypto currency and Cardano. We will then invite students to apply for the ambassadorship program, which will assign project student ambassadors for each AAU campus. The student ambassadors will receive a more detailed training on the project and on how to create awareness within their community. The ambassadors will be responsible for:
  • Preparing targeted informational resources about Cardano
  • Running competitions and activities that will engage the community
  • Distributing branding material and marketing within the student body

Objective 1: Introduce Cardano to the University Students

  • Hold an Introductory seminars about blockchain and Cardano
  • Develop learning materials and brochures
  • Register students interested in learning more about cardano
Indicators and data to measure results
  • Number of students that attend the seminars
  • Seminar evaluations
  • Resources that the students receive
  • Number of students that receive training for the Ambassadorship program
  • Number of branded materials distributed
Expected Results
  • Students get a broad understanding of cardano and blockchain technology
  • 500 students attend introductory seminars and 1000 students engaged

Objective 2: Recruit Students for the Ambassadorship Program

  • Hold an intensive workshop about Cardano
  • Select students that are willing to take the leadership role in the ambassadorship program
  • Equip Ambassadors with the tools and capacity to recruit more students
Indicators and data to measure results
  • Number of students that attend the workshop
  • Workshop evaluation
  • Number of students that apply to take lead in the Ambassadorship program
  • Number of students that take part in the workshop
  • Number of events and activities planned by the students
  • Number of students that take part in the student led activities
  • Number of promotional material Designs
Expected Results
  • Students are equipped with information and skills to expand to other campuses and universities.
  • 150 Students registered for membership
  • 10 Ambassadors selected for further training/ Awareness
  • 15 different promotial material designs